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Reflections in the Mirror - Spin-Off to Disney's Return to Oz

Reflections in the Mirror - Spin-Off to Disney's Return to Oz

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Reflections in the Mirror - A Spin-off to Disney's Return to Oz

A young man has a big obsession with the 1985 film "Return To Oz". A young man named Randy (Randy Bruce) knows that the Land of Oz is calling his name. He goes on a journey...and mysteriously finds different objects throughout a park and a place very far away that was calling his name.

After he finds several objects including the Oz key, he goes home and goes to sleep. While waking up he recalls a dream he had overnight. In his dream, it is about 15 years later, and he is a very successful actor. The film stars Randy Bruce as the young many Randy and fellow actor, Jason Smither as Randy 15 years later. The film also stars Marlena Richardson as the Voice of the Witch and Denise Bryer, from the 1985 film, "Return to Oz". The film comes complete in a professional DVD-R. 


- Interviews With Randy Bruce & Jason Smither

- Reflections in the Mirror: Music & Recording Sessions

- Randy's Music Recording Session

First look at Randy singing the Reflections theme.

- Returning To Oz - With Dying Seed & Audrey McDonald
- Randy's Fun Facts

- Bloopers 


If you haven't gotten your digital download yet of the new "Reflections in the Mirror" single with Audrey McDonald also the film's version with the artist, Dying Seed with vocals and guitar.