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Remembering Return to Oz - The Soundtrack Album

Remembering Return to Oz - The Soundtrack Album

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Remembering Return to Oz - The Soundtrack Album

CD Running Time - 50:36

Album With Tracks Endorsed by Return to Oz Composer David Shire!

 The new album of original music inspired by Disney's Return to Oz is now available for pre-order and will be shipping soon. The first five instrumental tracks in the album were composed professionally by Alexander Shesha. He took a number of different instrumental tracks from 1985, Return to Oz film, and recreated music that was very similar to the 1985 album. The other tracks were from an Oz-themed song about the story of Dorothy's journey in Oz and seeing Ozma's reflection in the mirror, aka "Reflections in the MIrror".  A few special versions are included in the album with some very talented artists including Audrey McDonald, Dying Seed, Elizabeth Timmons, & Kevin Kohn. Return to Oz was also an original song that was written by Aaron Pacentine. At the end of the album our final track, "A New Day" was made popular by YouTube artist Bindy Baker with an additional brand new scoring overlayed track by composer
Simo Nakraoui. This album has been in the works since late fall of 2016.

David Shire who composed the music to Disney's Return to Oz has endorsed the instrumental music tracks. 

"I'm delighted that Oz was an inspiration to Alexander.
 I sensed the relationship to my score". 

 TRACK LIST   (Click link for a sample of the track) 

7. Reflections in the Mirror  -  Audrey McDonald/Arrangement Samuel David Alvarez  
8. Reflections in the Mirror -   Dying Seed   (Especially for Randy Bruce)
9. Reflections in the Mirror  -  Arrangement Ewen Sinclair  (Vocals by John Long)
10. Reflections in the Mirror   -  Instrumental  by  Simo Nakraoui
11. Reflections in the Mirror  -     Elizabeth Timmons /Arrangement Samuel David Alvarez           
12. Return to Oz   -  Solo & Guitar  by Shauna Cardwell   
13.  New Day (Return to the Magic Glow)    -  Bindy Baker with Music by Polo Cortes/Simo Nakraoui 


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